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Sales and marketing is evolving rapidly. Driven by customers’ escalating expectations, useful and engaging content has become a requirement in marketing and sales

With an abundance of increasingly high quality content, what does it take to stand out and connect with customers?

Today’s B2B buyers want to see more than just knowledge and expertise. Increasingly, the differentiating factor driving sales and loyalty comes down to subjective criteria including a company’s trustworthiness, values, authenticity, and integrity.

These attributes can’t be faked. You have to live your company’s values, prove your purpose and communicate these attributes skillfully.

This is where purpose-focused storytelling comes in. Across the B2B spectrum, companies are gaining the competitive edge by telling their brand story with values-based content woven throughout the customer experience and through their actions in the world.

Join us on Blab.im on Wednesday, December 16th, 11AM Pacific, for B2BNN: Creating Content that Matters.

In this episode we’re talking with Russell Sparkman, CEO of Fusionspark MediaSloan Newman, President of the Puget Sound American Marketing Association, Dominic Canterbury, President of Turbine B2B, about purpose-focused marketing and why this approach is crucial for success and how to go about orienting content that is either values-based, or offers practical value.

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