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Simply put, a WCMS is software that helps you manage the graphic and written content of your website.

Now, that may not exactly get your heart racing, but consider what a good WCMS can do for you:

  • Personalized Engagement: Adapt site content and messages for each visitor based on past behavior, predictive analytics and CRM data.
  • Marketing Automation: Tie website and social media actions with email marketing to deliver hyper-relevant content directly to prospects to keep them engaged and bring them closer to conversion.
  • Measure and Optimize: Track prospect activity across channels while testing content to see what’s working and to make it work even better.

In short, a WCMS can turn your website into a powerful extension of your sales team, delivering personalized messages that turns visitors into leads and connects them with sales.

And if that doesn’t get your heart racing, who knows what will?

For B2B companies, especially those with complex sales cycles or extensive offerings, a well-implemented WCMS has become essential to effective marketing and sales campaigns.

For less complex businesses, a good WCMS may not be life or death, but it will certainly make your marketing significantly more effective.