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B2BNN: How to Rapidly Reach New B2B Markets

B2B marketing has changed dramatically in recent years. With almost unlimited access to information and the ability to easily connect with each other, customers have reshaped the buying process and redefined the rules of the game. In the midst...

Reaching New Audiences: B2B Influencers

In this series, we're talking about the most effective strategies to reach new B2B audiences and quickly turn that attention into solid, targeted leads. To kick things off, we're tackling Influencer Relations, in part because it's one of the...

Why Should B2Bs Care About Social Media?

It's easy to dismiss social media as an entertaining toy that has no place in serious business communication. But that would be a huge mistake, and here's why: Your customers are there: Business leaders are joining the conversation in record...

B2B Now and Next 2015: Panel Discussion

The first ever B2B Now and Next was a huge hit!B2B professionals from around the Puget Sound turned out in force to discover the latest trends and technologies in B2B sales and marketing and to discuss actionable strategies for 2015. If you couldn't make it to...

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